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Stay in the Gray is...

Two guys who believe in open-ended discussion, and the gray areas that people should spend more time dwelling in.

We'll blather on about relationships, men and women, politics, current events, strange people, controversial topics, movie quotes, sports, kilts, moonlight walks on the beach, Taco Casa, National ______ Day, and so on...

And we'll make you laugh while doing it.


Don't worry, we will be talking to plenty of women on the show as well. They tend to have some different...uh...perspectives

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Ryan is an entertainer. Ryan likes to talk - a lot. 

Ryan figured out that if one combines talking with entertaining, the result = podcasting. 

Enter "Stay in the Gray." 

Ryan wants to make you laugh, but he also has a desire to offer perspectives on anything and everything. Some, relevant to day-to-day life. Some, not so much. But he will always leave you thinking...and dreaming...from all angles. 

When asked if he welcomes every opinion possible, Ryan responded, "I do...well, I mean, even the stupid ones?" As demonstrated, Ryan is for everyone. 

Ryan is married with two sons. He loves scotch and cheese. 


Trey is a man with the gift of making people laugh - even if it's not intended. His natural charisma draws others to him. Mostly dogs, but humans as well. Whether it's his morning bike ride in an ice storm, or his many dating app adventures, he will always offer a unique perspective on life.  

His quick wit turns the mundane into the exhilarating. 

After his two divorces, he has decided not to propose to whomever he goes on his next date with - taking it slow is his new philosophy.  

You are certain to laugh - and possibly cry - but no matter what, Trey will entertain. 

Trey enjoys taekwondo and hates vegetables. 

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