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"Stay in the Gray" explained...

What the hell does the title of this blog post mean? Why the hell would two podcasting hopefuls title their show "Stay in the Gray?" As always, I'm happy to elaborate...

Once upon a time, humanity went mad.

The End.

No, seriously, things are really messed up right now with human-to-human interaction. I like to blame the land of technology, and this addiction that people have to spitting at each other through a digital screen. At least a while back, that's all it was. Now, it's beginning to transfer outside the privacy of basements, bedrooms, and meth labs - where things are crazy, yet safe - and into the physical world.

We live in a realm of victims. Right now, it's always someone else's fault. It's always former social and family constructs that have us here. So many people necessary to our species are being condemned. Blamed. Shunned. Cancelled.

Cancelled. That's the most notable one amidst this cloud of nonsense. But more about that in a minute...

Can anyone with opposing views just have a simple conversation anymore? Fathers have disowned sons and daughters over whether or not they agree about the situation at the Texas border. Others have "unfriended" cousins, aunts, and uncles, on social media due to whether or not it was okay to kneel during the National Anthem. And the final clean-up tactic was to block old chums from high school and college days because they may disagree about the amount of aid going to our veterans vs. foreign refugees.

Anyone who knows me knows that I definitely have my "sides" of the issues, per se. But dammit, I will always have a conversation. I will try my absolute best to see both sides of anything. That practice is good, not only for politics and societal issues, but for every single topic that can be brought to the forefront. I shouldn't have to worry that my heart-felt opinion will affect someone more than simple frustration. I shouldn't have to censor every...single...thought. These eggshells are fucking maddening.

How about an example? A football game comes to mind. Besides the occasional drunk jackass (or sober jackass), who throws a beer a someone a lot bigger than he is, before getting his ass kicked, opposition football fans have coexisted. Now, players act like they're politicians. Fans are constantly virtue signaling. Owners feel pressure from all sides. And now we've forgotten that football is supposed to make us smile (unless your team loses).

It's simple. As humans, we are now trained in an "us vs. them" mentality. No matter what the issue is. Which side of the line are you on? You better choose wisely. You don't want to be on the wrong side of history. That's a good one. What does that even mean? Some holier-than-thou asshole thinks he or she has the right to judge which side of history will be the "right" one? Wow.

I could stand firm that Twix is the best candy bar, and then the Kit Kat peeps will pull out their pitchforks and line up to brawl. Oh, and in the process, I would be called a "piece of shit" that is ruining the country.

Let me tell you right now - this happens on ALL sides.

Enter "Stay in the Gray.":

This podcast is so important to us, and hopefully to those who begin to pile on to the downloads list. Most of the time, the answer lies within the gray areas - of anything - and that's what we support as we discuss every single topic that makes its way into our lives.

I want to have fun. I want to laugh. I will choose laughter over almost anything. So, our mission as a podcast is to entertain. We will make you laugh. Feel free to write us and let us know if we don't. But instead of telling us that we're morons, how about offering some ideas as to what might make you chuckle? That would be way more effective.

Hopefully, this Team A vs. Team B mindset is just a blip in our radar, like so many blunders from humanity's past.

In all seriousness (which part of the problem), this was some deep shit to toss out as blog #1 on our website. But it's true...and it matters. The rambling we do on the podcast will be a lot more light-hearted, and fun. We can get down into the deep end of serious if needed, but we like to hang in shallow end, margarita in hand, dwelling in the gray areas of existence.

Join us there. It's great.

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